Healing With Gwen

Psychotherapy for Healing

Clearing obstacles to happiness. Letting go of pain from the past. Understanding with compassion.

Exploring the vast space within you.
Bringing light to the darkness.

Hi, I'm Gwen

Welcome to Healing with Gwen, the place to land if you’re looking for deep healing and transformation. What are the wounds that you’re carrying? What do your parts need to communicate to you so you can listen and attend to them? What’s holding you back, and are you ready to move into the dark unknown places with light and loving attention? Self compassion is the foundation of my practice. 

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If you've been struggling with ..

Are you struggling with

Chronic feelings of emptiness, disconnection from your true self, ongoing impacts of trauma that get in the way of peace and harmony within and without? 

Believing in yourself enough to pursue the life you want?

Symptoms of depression, anxiety, complex PTSD and personality disorders?

Questioning yourself, your purpose, and ruminating on ways you think you've failed yourself and let others down? 

Clinicial Section

Using a combination of schema therapy, EMDR, inner child work, working with parts and grounding tools, I stay with and ground my clients in the present while processing the causes of current problems. 

Ghost Writing

Struggling to get started with your website content and blog? I have an MFA in creative writing and over a decade of experience in private practice. If you want a creative, fresh approach to advertising your services but don’t want to use AI, let’s collaborate to find what works best for you to express who you are and advertise your unique services to clients. 


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