Relaxation and visualization can help with grounding amid overwhelming emotions and sensations. When we provide ourselves with an inner refuge from the storm, we have a place to come back to. I’ll provide you with techniques for grounding and releasing tension from your mind and body that you can use to self-soothe and bring yourself to a place of emotional safety. I will provide you with recordings of the guided meditations you find most helpful. 

Tuning into your body

Sensations in the body give us clues to what we need to attend to. In our work together we’ll explore the messages your body is sending about what needs to be processed. When you tune in and listen, what and where is the sensation? What kinds of images are associated? If the sensation could speak, what would it want you to know? Feelings and sensations are messengers that naturally relax, release, and communicate with us when we know how to listen.

Working with parts

Rather than struggling against distressing behaviors, feelings and thoughts, let’s understand what parts of you need you to know. How long has this part been with you? What experiences has it had that have shaped its feelings and beliefs? Would you consider welcoming the parts of you that you don’t like, that you see as self-sabotage, that you want to get rid of? What if all your parts have are motivated to protect you, to manage internal pain? Parts work is another method of understanding and caring for all of you, resolving inner conflicts, and initiating behavior change.